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✔ You are a Virtual Assistant, OBM, Project Manager or Virtual Support Pro who has never managed a launch before. You are interested in learning more about launch management and in becoming an in-demand Launch Management expert so you can offer this service to your existing or future clients

✔ Your current clients already do, or want to do launches but don’t really have a system or thorough project plan in place to make sure everything gets done

✔ You understand the basics of launching but you just don’t know what you don’t know!

✔ You know that with the right systems, templates and processes in place you would be the perfect person to help your clients have amazing launches!

What if you could …

✔ Confidently offer online launch management services to your clients

✔ Have all the templates, processes and systems you need to nail each stage of the launch

✔ Know exactly what needs to be done and when; both before, during and after each launch

You absolutely can!

There are so many courses, methods and gurus when it comes to ‘launching’ as a course creator BUT as a launch manager nobody actually goes into the day to day, step by step of how to actually  IMPLEMENT and MANAGE it!

  • How do you help your client choose which method to use when launching based on their goals and audience?
  • How do you make sure you get all the information you need from your client early enough?
  • How do you choose the right tech and setup to suit their strategy?
  • How do you make sure it’s all set up correctly?
  • How do you brief and manage contractors who are doing ads, copy or other tasks and make sure they get done right?
  • How do you make sure everything has been done right, when you don’t know, what you don’t know!?
  • How do you manage clients expectations, especially when things don’t go as planned?
  • What reports make the most sense to share during the launch in order to make key decisions?
  • What needs to be done after a launch to ensure improvements and lessons are recorded for next time?

I've been there...

When I  started managing launches in 2013  the industry was vastly different than it is today.

The last 7+ years has seen an explosion of ‘launch methods’, technology options, promotional platforms, launch gurus … you get the gist.

On one hand it’s great that clients are more self educated than ever. But our job, as launch managers, has become more challenging. We need to be across it all, on top of the latest trend in launching and know how to use that latest tech.

Honestly, the  FUNDAMENTALS  of launching don’t change that much

A solid foundation of processes and systems, supported by a community that has ‘been there, done that’ are a launch manager's best friend.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years learning the ins and outs of launches of all shapes and sizes, so that you can fast track your knowledge and skills and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes most VA’s, OBM’s and Marketers make when managing clients launches.

In this one of a kind program, I’ll show you step by step how to manage launches of all sizes with ease, AND have happy clients who can’t wait to share their ‘launch secret weapon’ (a.k.a you) with all their business buddies too!

This is the program I wish I had 7 years ago, and includes everything I use even with my current clients - whether they are launching for the very first time, or they are seasoned launchers with 6, or even 7, figure launches ...

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