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✔ You are a Virtual Assistant, OBM, Project Manager or Virtual Support Pro who has never managed a launch before. You are interested in learning more about launch management and in becoming an in-demand Launch Management expert so you can offer this service to your existing or future clients

✔ Your current clients already do, or want to do launches but don’t really have a system or thorough project plan in place to make sure everything gets done

✔ You understand the basics of launching but you just don’t know what you don’t know!

✔ You know that with the right systems, templates and processes in place you would be the perfect person to help your clients have amazing launches!

What if you could …

✔ Confidently offer online launch management services to your clients

✔ Have all the templates, processes and systems you need to nail each stage of the launch

✔ Know exactly what needs to be done and when; both before, during and after each launch

You absolutely can!

There are so many courses, methods and gurus when it comes to ‘launching’ as a course creator BUT as a launch manager nobody actually goes into the day to day, step by step of how to actually  IMPLEMENT  and  MANAGE  it!

  • How do you help your client choose which method to use when launching based on their goals and audience?
  • How do you make sure you get all the information you need from your client early enough?
  • How do you choose the right tech and setup to suit their strategy?
  • How do you make sure it’s all set up correctly?
  • How do you brief and manage contractors who are doing ads, copy or other tasks and make sure they get done right?
  • How do you make sure everything has been done right, when you don’t know, what you don’t know!?
  • How do you manage clients expectations, especially when things don’t go as planned?
  • What reports make the most sense to share during the launch in order to make key decisions?
  • What needs to be done after a launch to ensure improvements and lessons are recorded for next time?

I've been there...

When I  started managing launches in 2013  the industry was vastly different than it is today.

The last 7+ years has seen an explosion of ‘launch methods’, technology options, promotional platforms, launch gurus … you get the gist.

On one hand it’s great that clients are more self educated than ever. But our job, as launch managers, has become more challenging. We need to be across it all, on top of the latest trend in launching and know how to use that latest tech.

Honestly, the  FUNDAMENTALS  of launching don’t change that much

A solid foundation of processes and systems, supported by a community that has ‘been there, done that’ are a launch manager's best friend.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years learning the ins and outs of launches of all shapes and sizes, so that you can fast track your knowledge and skills and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes most VA’s, OBM’s and Marketers make when managing clients launches.

In this one of a kind program, I’ll show you step by step how to manage launches of all sizes with ease, AND have happy clients who can’t wait to share their ‘launch secret weapon’ (a.k.a you) with all their business buddies too!

This is the program I wish I had 7 years ago, and includes everything I use even with my current clients - whether they are launching for the very first time, or they are seasoned launchers with 6, or even 7, figure launches ...

Get ready to be a fully booked and in demand online launch manager

Here’s what you’ll learn:


Before we dive into project plans, building pages, and launch management we are going to step back and cover all the  foundations of launching.  

Everything from what a launch actually is, to the different types of launches you are likely to work on. As well as how to help your client choose which launch strategy is right for them and an exploration of Project Management best practices so you are equipped with everything you need to effectively manage any launch.

This is a perfect starting point if you are new to launching BUT it’s also a fantastic refresher for seasoned launch managers. Many of our students have said they finish this module having learnt at least 1 new launch technique they had not done before!


More often than not, when a relationship between a launch manager and a client goes sour - it comes back to not having clarity of the clients goals  and expectations  for the launch.

We’ll show you how to have a kick ass onboarding session with your client, regardless of whether they are brand new, or you have been working with them for years.

Covering everything from how to conduct the onboarding meeting, to all the information you need to ensure you collect, how to set realistic goals you can both agree on, and then how to produce a formal launch project plan from the information.
This ensures you  start your launch project plan  with clarity and aligned purpose. That it reflects your clients vision, their goals, and any missing elements or team are identified well in advance.


With your new launch project plan started based on your client onboarding meeting, we are now going to focus on building out a thorough Launch Project Plan and Master Launch Document to include every task in the launch.

This is the critical foundation of any launch you will work on.

Armed with your project plan template from our template library we will cover everything that you need to create and manage in each part of your launch including copy, technical build, sales page setup, design and much more.

You’ll finish this module with a finished and complete launch plan ready to go.


Team can be a launch manager's worst nightmare or an absolute dream.
So in this module we will cover the A - Z of conducting a kick off meeting for all team members (who should attend, how to prepare, what to say) plus everything you need to know about how to brief in key tasks (including briefing doc templates), and managing the team effectively.
Even if you are just a team of 2 (you and your client) don’t underestimate the power of having good team communication and processes in place.

This module will ensure you give team members everything they need to do their best work, everyone works out of the correct version of documents (and knows where to find them) and how to manage your client and other team members / contractors without spending your day on slack typing “where are we at with x” over and over again.


Whilst our focus is on our launch and the launch timeline more often than not our clients need help with what happens BEFORE the launch. So in this module we are going to dive into pre-launch audience building and what the weeks leading up to launch look like in order to maximise the size of the audience your client has, to promote to, come launch day.

We’ll be covering how to prepare the existing list, how to grow the size of the list and what to be doing in the lead up on social media.

By the end of this module you should be able to put together a roadmap for pre-launch activities you and your client can implement as you prepare for launch.


In this module we are going to focus on the strategies and knowledge you need to manage the setup and preparation for Day 1 of the launch.
We’ll cover everything from landing page foundations and sales pages, to social media, email sequences and tech setup best practices.

You’ll also be given examples and common challenges in this phase to look out for.

By the end of this module you should be equipped with everything you need to ensure everything for the launch is written, built, scheduled and tested properly so you don’t end up stressed on launch day 1, underprepared, with broken tech, or on the back foot.


The fun is just beginning!

We are covering everything you need to consider DURING launch. Starting with everything that you need to include in your project plan whilst launch is in progress. Daily tasks that need to occur, check-ins you’ll need to do and the requirements for moderation and support that may be expected from you. We’ll also cover the daily reporting and updates you’ll want to provide and all the documents and preparation you’ll want to do, and documents you’ll want to prepare for key activities such as webinars and challenges.

This will ensure that the energy of every single day of the launch stays high, that your client will be able to show up for their audience with confidence and clarity of message, and you know exactly how to support them every step of the way.


Your job doesn’t end at the end of launch! Now is the time where we report, reflect and make plans for the next one!

We are going to cover all the activities that need to happen AFTER the launch is complete. So many launch managers skim over this section way too lightly. But a thorough post launch plan will ensure you not only give all the information your clients need to see what worked and didn’t, but allows you to provide the feedback and strategies that will ensure you go on to work on the next launch together too.

It’s critical all contributors to the launch have an opportunity to provide feedback and insight as to what worked and what didn't work, that is why we provide everything you need to thoroughly complete your launch debrief. This will also give you an opportunity to show the client the achievements made during the launch and the benefit and opportunity of working on the next launch together.


Whilst our focus of this program is to help you provide the very best launch management services to your clients, I also want to ensure you finish this program with all the fundamentals YOU need in place if you are a freelancer or business owner that is offering, or would like to offer launch management services to clients.

This module includes trainings on what information you should collect from a potential client BEFORE you even talk to them about working together, different ways to package launch management services, how to price your packages, how to work with subcontractors and your own team.

+ 4 resource libraries

All of them updated on a regular basis

Acronyms & Terminology Resource Library

The go to place for any words or terms you are not familiar with. PLF Formula, ClickFunnels, Evergreen, UTM Parameters … we’ve got you covered.

Examples Resource Library

The go to place for examples of launch and marketing elements we love. Landing pages, sales pages, facebook ads and more.

Challenges & TroubleShooting Resource Library

The go to place for common problems we see during launches and how to manage them. There is nothing worse than tech breaking, an email not sending, or a troll causing havoc on a webinar.

Template Resource Library

Any time we reference a template, briefing document, checklist, content plan, spreadsheet you’ll find it here. Includes Launch Master plan, Email Schedule plan, Internal Kickoff template, Landing Page briefing template, Facebook Ads briefing template, reporting template and many more!

+  these bonuses

Program Management Essentials

If you are working as a VA, OBM, or assistant for your client it’s likely you’ll also be involved in welcoming and managing your clients new customers into their program. This bonus module will cover the essential foundations of successfully managing this process for your client and managing ‘wow’ experiences for them.

($497 value)

My Tech Favourites

A resource that covers my tech favourites that I love using with launch clients. If your client is missing a key piece of tech you can easily reference and use this to help make a decision about what your client needs.

($47 value)

Facebook Ad Foundations

We will cover the foundations of managing ads so that you have a better idea of how these work during launches. This is great regardless of whether you want to run ads yourself or outsource in giving you the knowledge of all the basics and the numbers that matter when it comes to conversions and sales.

($497 value)

Healthy Wellthy Launch Plan

Let’s avoid launch burnout with a very different but equally important type of launch plan. My good friend Vesna Hrsto and I have created a very special resource that includes a step by step guide on how to manage your health and energy during busy launch weeks, as well as a handy resource for healthy energy boosting snacks and go to foods, plus mindset audios you are going to LOVE to keep you zen, calm, and on task, even if the tech ‘sh&t’ does hit the fan!

($997 value)

Here’s what you’ll get for a full year when you join:

1. Access to the Launch Manager Pro Program

All 9 modules of the program are available immediately so that you can go through the program at your own pace, including the step by step process for managing launches for your clients with confidence. I break the entire process down, including common pitfalls and opportunities to ‘wow’.

($1997 value)

2. Access to FOUR Resource Libraries

Available immediately, these include everything you’ll need to build and manage the entire launch including templates, spreadsheets and briefing documents. You’ll also have access to examples we love; and terms, acronyms and troubleshooting information to keep you in the know.

($497 value)

3. Access to FOUR Bonus Modules

Available immediately , these bonuses cover everything from my tech favourites and a fantastic Healthy Wellthy Launch Plan to Program Management Essentials and Facebook Ad Foundations.

($1208 value)

4. Access to our Launch Manager Community and Expert Sessions

Join us in our private Facebook group for a full 12 months so that you can get all your questions answered and share your wins and lessons with people who will understand ;-)

You’ll also get access to live streamed expert sessions on topics around launching, marketing and more.

($997 value)

Your PRogram Schedule

This program can be done at your own pace and you have access to all updates and resources for a full year.

Most students complete the program within a few months and then continue to refer to it as they manage launches for their clients.

As such don’t feel like you have to take it all in and get it perfect the first time around. This is meant to act as an on demand resource for all your needs.
You will not only get instant access to all 9 modules of the program but you’ll get access to the resource libraries, all four bonuses and our Launch Management Community.

This means you’ll also gain access to all our upcoming expert sessions, live Q&A’s and trainings.
By joining TODAY you’ll be able to join us LIVE for the following upcoming sessions

30th June 8pm EDT


In this special training we are going to breakdown and explore the differences offerings and services you can have as a Launch Manager. Whether you are (or want to be) a full time launch manager, or just want to offer launch management as part of your current OBM, VA or Operations services this session will provide insight and discussion into how to decide which types of offerings are best for you and the clients you work with.

12th July EDT

Live Q&A

Your chance to get all your questions answered in this live Q&A with me, Louise Griffiths. You can ask anything about launching, finding clients, dealing with difficult client situations, processes you are creating - anything you like! 

Total Value: $4699
$350 x 3
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Livestreamed Expert Sessions
  • Acronyms and Terminology Resource Library
  • Challenges and TroubleShooting Resource Library
  • Examples Resource Library
  • Template Resource Library
  • Bonus #1: Program Management Essentials
  • Bonus #2: Facebook Ad Foundations
  • Bonus #3: My Tech Favourites
  • Bonus #4: Healthy Wellthy Launch Plan

Our next live session is happening soon!

You have 2 choices:

You can continue what you are currently doing

  • Continue offering generalist Virtual Assistant, OBM, Project Manager or Virtual Support Pro Services and not sharpening your skills, so that you can offer in-demand Launch Management services OR ‘Winging’ it as you go, with bits and pieces you have done in previous Launches

  • Piecing together what to do based on courses you have done on ‘how to launch’ meant for business owners not implementers

  • Starting from scratch each time with no SOPs or templates you can use to speed things up

You can join Launch Manager Pro and

  • Learn how to become a Launch Management Rockstar, having everything you need to create comprehensive project plans

  • Work seamlessly with team and contractors who enjoy how easy you make it for them to do their best work

  • Have happy clients that love how easy you make it for them to show up, serve their audience and do what they love


FRequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need to already have?

We have people of all levels of experience join us from VA's who have never done a launch to experienced OBMs looking to fill gaps in their knowledge and grab some handy templates and processes. Ideally you will have already been involved in a few launches for your clients. This isn't a prerequisite BUT it does allow you to apply what you are learning to launches you have already been a part of. But don't worry, we cover off all the basics of launching so that no matter your level of experience you can get over all elements of launching.

I own an agency, can I buy this for someone on my team?

Of course you can! We have deliberately separated out the content related to growing a launch management business so that those who are working as part of an internal team can still get the same great experience out of all the modules. We have several agency employees and contractors in the community.

How long does the course take to complete?

This is really up to you. We have structured the program so that you can complete it as fast or as slow as you need and many people cherry pick what they need RIGHT NOW and then come back to the other parts later.

We want you to be able to use this program like a 'go-to' resource no matter what stage of launch you are working on.

Most people complete the program over about 12 weeks, some people can do it in just a few weeks!